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Maintaining your equipment can help them last years longer. Temperature Doctors is ready to care for your HVAC system. Check out some of the benefits of our customized comfort plans. Then give us a call and we’ll help you decide what plan you need!

Here are just some of the benefits:

Significant Energy Savings

Healthier Indoor Air Quality

Prolongs the Life of Your Equipment

Helps Prevent Breakdown in Extreme Weather

We even have Member Benefits!


Significant Energy Savings

Equipment that is inefficient tends to raise your utility bills and drain your wallet without you even realizing it. A preventative maintenance plan can help you keep rising energy costs to a minimum by lowering the amount of energy you use when running your equipment. The best part is you save money and keep your unit running at peak efficiency for years to come.


Healthier Indoor Air Quality

One of the best things you can do for your family is provide them with clean, fresh air. Indoors, this requires a bit of thought and care. We can help you make sure that your indoor air is healthy, reducing pollutants and contaminants. We help you choose whatever filtration and air purification systems you might need. And we help you assess whether your home provides sufficient humidification or dehumidification to keep your air clean and healthy.


Prolongs the Life of Your Equipment

The average life for furnaces and AC units is between 10-12 years. That’s just an average, and it’s usually shorter because people don’t maintain their equipment. The inexpensive maintenance you do each year can make your unit last longer. It’s really a no-brainer to have your Temp Doctor professional check your equipment and perform the maintenance it needs to get the most life out of your units possible. 


Helps Prevent Breakdown in Extreme Weather

We know all about harsh weather here in Northern Illinois. And take it from the professionals, the harsher the weather is, the more demand is placed on your equipment. No one wants their furnace to break down on the coldest day of the year, yet every one of us knows someone that it happened to. You can prevent this in most cases with maintenance visits you receive within the comfort plan you choose. When the equipment has been properly maintained, it is far more likely to perform at its best during the harsh weather conditions.


Member Benefits

Our Comfort Plans offer other great rewards for you and your family. Of all the benefits we offer, our Comfort Plan Members love the priority scheduling and discounts the best. Because with every comfort plan, you’ll receive priority scheduling and discounts on parts & service.

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